Residential Sanitation

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With your residential service, ASI will provide either a 96-gallon or a 68-gallon container. Customers are allowed to set out the ASI-provided container along with two additional 30-gallon bags or customer-provided containers.


Please set your Ankeny Sanitation cart at the street by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day. Place the cart no more than two feet from the street with the handle and wheels toward the house. Please keep the cart away from mailboxes and other obstructions.

Please keep your garbage at least four feet from your recycling bin. Opposite sides of the driveway generally work best.


Your ASI drivers are committed to serving you. They will always go the extra mile to take your trash. In all cases, when service is not performed to your satisfaction, please contact us at 515-964-5229. The ASI service guarantee ensures your satisfaction.


Safety is our Number One priority. During heavy snow and blizzard conditions, we may be forced to suspend collections for the day. In that case, all customers will receive service one day later for the rest of the week (just like a holiday week.) This policy, although seldom used, protects our drivers and the community from potentially harmful accidents and injuries.


  • Trash stuck in cart: Over-compaction in the cart may prevent emptying.
  • Excess liquid can freeze material in the cart: Drain material before placing in cart, or use plastic bags.
  • Cardboard box wedged inside the cart: Break down boxes before placing in cart.
  • Any extras such as kids’ bikes and other material near the cart will be considered extra trash and will be picked up and charged on the next invoice. Please have these items close to the cart.

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